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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coffee, coffee, coffee. I love coffee.

True story: I only started drinking coffee only after having my daughter. Before then, I was strictly a tea person.

I blame my husband for my complete infatuation with the stuff now. During the past month, while I prepared to embark on my Whole30 journey, I struggled with reconciling no sugar and no dairy in my morning cup of joe. 

My first cup of black coffee was had yesterday. Another true story? I didn't hate it! 

There was a number of little things I did to make the experience a better one. 

First, I added 2 scoops of medium roast beans to my burr grinder, set to a medium grind. 

Second, I added the ground coffee to my Aeropress (which I highly recommend, btw) and added one tsp of ground cinnamon to the grounds. 

Third, the temperature of the water was barely boiling - so probably around 200F/94C - before I poured it over the grounds. I used about 10 fluid oz. 

This was the result:

Hope this helps you kill your sugar demon! 

Coffee Recipe

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