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Friday, March 7, 2014

Week One = DONE

Super proud of myself. I took this week in stride. It wasn't without effort, it's just that it was without effort right now because I made a significant effort last month. I practiced meals, finding lunch at a place near my job (that wasn't a salad) and not being lazy.

Well. I did it.

And I ate spectacularly.

Monday (Day 3) consisted of black coffee -that I'm beginning to love, btw- lots of fruit and fresh veggies and delicious meatballs.

I could eat this every single day. Multiple times a day.

It starts like this.

Puree together one medium yellow onion and garlic. Toss the onion/garlic puree in a large bowl with fresh basil, if you have it, and all the other ingredients.

Toss in whatever blend of local, pastured (hippie) ground meat you'd like. Pork and beef work well but so does turkey. Use your clean HANDS to work the ingredients together and then (after washing your hands), use an ice cream scoop to dole out even sized meat balls. I use a cast iron grill for this because the cast iron caramelizes the ingredients together and work an incredible magic called the Maillard reaction.

I heat up Rao's marinara sauce (my favorite) in a shallow pot that will accommodate all the ingredients. Then I spiralize at least 4 big ol' zucchinis. I prefer green zucchini to yellow squash and plan to spiralize some eggplant soon. 

Then I toss them all in the sauce and cover it until I'm ready to chow down. By then, the noodles are tender and perfectly compliment the meatballs.

After the meatballs are done, I toss them on top of the sauce and allow everything to meld together or a few minutes before serving. DROOOOOOL.

Tuesday was about fresh produce, my coworker's AMAZING Whole30 Shepherd's Pie and leftovers.

Wednesday, I made this classic slow cooker peril (so incredibly easy and never fails) and served it alongside carrots and sweet plantains that I grilled on my fav cast iron griddle (seriously, what can't I cook on that thing??) and topped with Whole30 Peruvian Salsa Verde (1 cup of packed cilantro, 2 jalapeños (with seeds), 2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 cup of Whole30 Mayo, salt and pepper to taste - blend).

You're welcome. 

Mas frutas frescas en jueves y cafe. Siempre cafe.

And then Today. Friday, March 7.

I've learned that my new favorite variety of omelette (and, not coincidentally, my toddler's) contains grilled pancetta and broccoli. Mmm. 

And then there was tonight's dinner. 

Butterflied, pastured chicken that I roasted at 350F for 1.5 hours and sat atop a bed of sweet potatoes and shallots. Sitting the chicken on the potatoes and shallots made the dripping fat caramelize the veggies (aka the best flavor ever). I accompanied the roast with cauliflower puree and sautéed spinach.

So my Friday night was banging and I definitely rounded out my week on an upward swing. Hope your week was as awesome!

Meatball Recipe

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